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GTO : Grinta To Order

GTO : Grinta To Order

Being from Detroit, everything always finds its way back to cars, so GTO was the obvious choice to name our new method for ordering and manufacturing. Grinta To Order (GTO) is manufactured to your order specifications, no matter how many items you order.

Why GTO? No more pre-orders! Now you no longer have to order within a certain timeframe to place your order! Instead, you can order anytime and your order is sent to manufacturing immediately.

We understand wanting to order something and receiving it in 2 days thanks to Amazon Prime, but we're also a startup trying to do what's most economical for us. Being environmentally and ethically conscious while still providing amazing technical garments with beautiful deigns is all part of our decision-making process. We make only what our customers order, so we're not stuck with half a dozen XXS jerseys and you're not stuck footing the bill.

Currently, the entire GTO process will take approximately 5 weeks.
01. Your Order & Payment
02. Production 
03. Delivery to Your Mailbox 
04. New Kit Day Ride!

Every order receives a shipping confirmation email with tracking info once we've posted out.